About this site

Why spend time on keeping my own Internet site afterall? Well, I have several reasons. One of them is to keep relations to friends and family all over the world by sharing diaries and pictures from my travels. Another is to share pictures and movie clips to the family who lives too far away for daily or weekly visits.

This also calls for other passions like travels and taking photographs seriously. I love doing it and keeping the site updated justifies the pleasure. As an IT professional this work also keep me updated on technology and competence. And it’s fun to challenge oneself with something more usable than computer games!
As I continously work more and more serious with my photos, I have opened a dedicated website to publish my semi-professional work. Be my guest and visit: CLAUS-J.COM. Lately, I have also been acknowledged as contributor to some of the Worlds biggest microstock websites: iStockPhoto.com and shutterstock.com, where I sell some of my photos. That has changed the scope of this site, which mainly will be base for photos of the nearest family. Of couse all pictures on the internet site is taken by me unless otherwises stated.

This site is also used for some projects for the family. During the last couple of years I have scanned hundreds of my fathers old 35-mm slides from the sixties. These slides won't last forever and neither will my parents. One of the projects enables my parents to enter the history behind the pictures via my site. This gives my family the opportunity to view the pictures and read about them now and in the future. My parents also kindly wrote their family history to this website and this is available in both Danish and English language for registered users of this website.
About me
I currently work as senior project manager (PMP) at KMD A/S . That is the largest Danish owned IT company in Denmark. My job is to realize major IT solutions mainly focused on the government and public sector that calls for a high level of quality and control.

As mentioned my passion is to travel and photography. I also seek my limitations – bit by bit. It turns out as a great experience almost every time. My sail trips with the old wooden ship “Bona Gratia” led to getting the “Certificate in Proficiency in Yaching” and later to sign up for 14 days by boat in the water around Phuket, Thailand. It wasn’t that hard to talk me into that!

The evening before I went to Iceland in 1999, I met Ane with whom I got married 21 February 2004. Fortunately we both enjoys travelling and taking photos. She is a very tolerant and inspiring person that allows me to use too much time in front of the computer and camera. Since then, our family has been growing. In 2005 we got a lovely little boy name Lasse, but with a hard start (you can read more about that in the Photo Gallery). Today he is a healthy unspoiled kid with lots of energy and sound humor. In 2007 we were blessed with a nice little girl named Katrine who does whatever she can to challenge her older brother and parents.

My intention is to translate most of the website to English, so you and others can be inspired to get out there and explore the wonderful world of ours. In case you have questions, ideas or another inquiry, please feel free to contact me.