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Hello, I found your website tonight and am very curious about your story wrote by Myrtle Lauridsen, I think her father that came over from Sweden, is my great-grand fathers brother. My great-grand father was Gustaf Miller. Two of Gus miller's brothers moved up to Canada. Gustaf Miller built the Thortvedt house that still stands today on the Buffalo river. I would love to hear back from you. Betty Kopp
Posted by: Betty Kopp - 11/2/2009
Man hello, this is larry,remember me? anyway, i live in europe now and i would like to call you to tell you hi, can i get your phone number please, say hi to anne and to your little boy cheers larry
Posted by: Larry Cervantes - 4/12/2006
I was reading about travel in Mexico, enjoyed your entry and followed it to your site. It was enjoyable because we have a similar view of what parts of a trip are most important. I have never been to Mexico but am planning a trip for 12/06. My daughter recently spent a year in Ecuador and our trip to visit her has whetted my appetite for more Latin American travel. The trip will allow me to work on my spanish and her to pursue her love of LA culture, her major at McGill University. Thanks.
Posted by: mike lenane - 11/22/2005
Hello, for the 2nd time I am quite impressed by reading about your trip in peru. We already had contact by mail, and as I advanced in planning our trip to Peru for december, I will contact you again for details, I could not find in your site.
Posted by: karlijn vollebregt - 10/29/2004
I enjoyed your website and travel diaries. I was involved in www.welcome-guides.com which promoted sustainable tourism in Latin America. I was impressed with your ability to "tell the story" from the heart. Your diary on Peru helped me prepare for my recent trip to Cusco. The power of the media, hopefully, will change the world. Thanks for your contribution!
Posted by: Laurel Neylon - 10/19/2004
Welcome to my new guestbook. This is the place to post a greeting to me or to write your oppinion about this site.
Posted by: Claus Jepsen - 6/12/2004

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