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New photosDec 21 at 7:06pm
I just uploaded a few new photos of the
kids in winterdress. They just love the
snow and plays around all the time. We -
the adult - starts missing spring.
Click to view the gallery.

Merry Christmas and a happy new yearDec 17 at 10:29pm
The Christmas greeting card from 2009 was quite a challenge to make. Our kids could find some 5 minutes in their busy schedule, which demanded lots of preperation.
As I used most of the fall to put new floor on the ceiling, it was obvious that we looked for "nisser" there. They turned out to love rice pudding.
Click on the picture to see the gallery.

New picturesMay 19
After a very nice spring with nice hot days, we're managed to visit most of the family and spent some nice days at grandma and grandpa. See the new pictures from the sunny days.
May gave us some challenges as Lasse broke his foot and the kindergarten got closed due to strike.

New websiteMar 01
After almost five years, my present website has retired and a new CMS based website takes over.  This should enable me to publish content a lot easier and hopefully more often.
I hope you will find the new look nice, easy to navigate and filled with exciting content.

Katrine has taken her first stepsJan 29
Only 11 months old, Katrine manage to walk 2-3 steps all by herself some days ago. She didn't find that achivement interesting though, as crawling is a lot easier. Our guess is, that she walks at her birthday.


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